Slackware ARM64 AArch64 on a Raspberry Pi

Welcome to SARPi64 Project Website

The SARPi64 Project is a research and development project for Slackware ARM64 AArch64 software on a Raspberry Pi. This Slackware OS port does not exist. That's the main reason and purpose for this project. The SARPi64 Project is involved in the experimental development of Slackware ARM in the interests of modern technology and to further future achievements towards a bona fide Slackware ARM64 AArch64 [64-bit] operating system.

The SARPi64 Project is seperate from the main SARPi Project but shares the same established set of values towards supporting the Linux community, sharing information, and growing in Linux knowledge and experience. Anyone wishing to comment, offer advice, ask questions, collaborate or contribute in any capacity, should do so via the Slackware ARM forum on

Use the menu on the left to navigate the webite or any of the links on the page(s). Downloads are available from the menu in [RPi3 Aarch64] and [RPi4 Aarch64]. Information, instructions, guides/tutorials, hints-tips, etc. are found in [How-To].

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IMPORTANT! The content, including any information or software, available on this SARPi64 Project website is not guaranteed to be accurate or to perform as expected or intended in any or all situations. It is in a constant state of development which can, and does, change [break] very frequently. Unsupported software development can be a roller-coaster ride of success and failure. Certainly with more of the latter than the former by a wide margin. Everthing involved in the SARPi64 Project is experimental and prototype. Please bear that in mind.

The SARPi64 Project is a community effort and is not officially endorsed by Slackware Linux Inc. or the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ powered by Slackware ARM Linux

Slackware Linux Wallpaper

Download a FREE Slackware Linux wallpaper for your desktop. It's called Slacksplash and was created using a free wallpaper, and a 3-D Slackware logo, both downloaded from Google. It's simple and effective, yet quite eyecatching, and of course totally cool!

Slacksplash wallpaper is available in the following resolutions:

Support for Slackware ARM

If you're in need of help, or have something to contribute, one of the best places to get (and offer) support for Slackware ARM is on the Linux Questions Forum. Another valuable resource is the Slackware Documentation Project.

Acknowledgements & Thanks

FatDog.NL would like to express thanks and gratitude to all those who've shown interest or had input into the SARPi64 Project. As well as all those who share their ideas, their work, and their experiences with the Slackware community in general (e.g. on SlackDocs and LQ) which continues to be great asset and inspiration to all Linux users.

Special thanks to Patrick Volkerding and the entire Slackware Team for a truly wonderful OS; especially MoZes for his ceaseless efforts towards the Slackware ARM port (without you there is *NO* SARPi-x). Additional thanks goes to alienBOB and Ponce (along with many others) for their SlackBuild scripts. Thanks in advance to the online [Linux] community of Slackers at for the overwhelming onslaught of constructive input and feedback to come (i.e. hint-hint!). Special thanks to Mr Jackson ("Get the beers in?") for his valuable guidance, advice, constructive-criticism, and all the time spent testing and helping out over the years. Without you all, the SARPi64 Project would not be as much fun or worthwhile!


SARPi64 Project Team

Updated: 29 Aug 2019 20:04:48